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App Showcase

Get a feel for the wide range of applications you can build with Apex Designer.

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Written by David Knapp
Updated 21 hours ago
7 min read


You can build nearly any kind of application using Apex Designer. Here are some examples:

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If you would like to add your application to the list, just click the "Ask a Question" button and send us the details.

Features and Patterns

The apps on the left include many features and patterns. Here are some of them:

  • Drag and drop categorization and ordering
  • Financial forecasting (cash and accrual)
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Hours tracking and forecasting
  • Real time chat
  • Editing and publishing content
  • Configurable form designer with business logic and api integration
  • Ingesting a stream of financial data and calculating derived indicators
  • I-Series legacy data migration/synchronization
  • Address normalization and validation
  • Deploying and upgrading kubernetes containers
  • FHIR ingestion, real time events, fraud detection triggering investigation processes
  • Populating complex Excel cost calculation spreadsheets from relational DB information
  • NPI database ingestion for doctor lookup
  • Scanning and generating Smart Health Cards
  • Automated COVID test scheduling
  • Quarantine processes
  • Geocoding and proximity search
  • Mobile friendly pages including alternate layouts
  • Installable Progressive Web Apps
  • Offline first web apps
  • Accounting GL code tracking and reports
  • Stripe integration
  • integration
  • Site Builder with intelligent sections, user defined pages, configurable toolbar, and content section for raw HTML
  • Demographics with user-defined person properties (including images), Excel import / export and filtered searches
  • Outbound email management with template authoring and send throttling
  • Badge and ticket generation and scanning with configurable templates
  • Product types, products, inventory and product availability rules
  • Conference sessions, speakers, tracks and schedules
  • Conference session attendance management including projected, scheduled and actual values
  • Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) ingestion and management
  • Kafka event stream generation and ingestion
  • Document generation
  • Full text search
  • Slack Integration
  • Box Integration
  • Blockchain Integration
  • Google Maps integration
  • Analytic patterns for generating derived information from master information
  • Microsoft App Insights Integration including debug log management, tracing request through logic and dependencies, and recording app events including exceptions
  • Real-time event communication between multiple pods of an application
  • Path based routing in Kubernetes to support deploying an app on a path (vs subdomain) for tenant-specific instances and/or parallel execution of multiple versions
  • Synchronizing companies and contacts from HubSpot to maintain a single source of truth for authorization
  • Next generation export/import mixin that handles highly interconnected data structures with dynamic resolution of references during import
  • Automatic change history tracking mixin that tracks create, update, and delete operations for the primary object and a set of related objects
  • Next generation versioned content mixin that manages versioning, locking and publishing of complex data structures
  • Queue management pattern for consistent execution of scheduled or event-based logic including throttling and load balancing across nodes
  • Streaming queries for download of large result sets or objects from the server to the client to avoid timeouts
  • Real-time mirroring of Camunda 7 process engine data into the app database for high performance task queries
  • Detect and prevent out of order and conflicting patch / delete operations from multiple clients
  • Configurable ingestion and extraction from unstructured Excel files with interactive selection of information to extract into application data
  • Configurable mapping of app data into Acrobat form fields
  • Automated and on demand creation of tenant-specific Kubernetes deployments including managed upgrades and scale to zero
  • Expression editing leveraging the Monaco editor (from VS Code) to provide autocompletes, formatting and syntax checking for configurable logic
  • Jsonata template editor including syntax checking, formatting and testing of templates in configurable apps
  • Row-level access control mixins that control access in multi-tenant apps by inheriting tenant ids

If you have questions about any of these patterns, just click the "Ask a Question" button at the bottom right.

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