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Xenese Studio

An administrative tool for Xenese Blockchain as a service

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Written by Nick Laughton
Updated a year ago
Less than a minute read

Xenese is a revolutionary Blockchain Platform as a Service (BPAAS).

Xenese Studio is an app built with Apex Designer to allow backend teams to view and manage data in the blockchain platform (a bit like how PgAdmin is used to manage Postgres databases) 

Xenese Studio app showing Ledgers

You can use the app to create and manage ledgers, as well as Creating, Updating and archiving blocks.

Xenese Studio app showing Blocks

The tool supports querying, filtering and transforming blocks.

Xenese Studio app showing filtered blocks

It's easy to see the native JSON for a block.

Xenese Studio app showing block JSON

As well as the block metadata, including history and versions.

Xenese Studio app showing block metadata

Xenese Studio supports plenty of other administrative activities, such as:

  • Creating indexes for a ledger
  • Creating ledger-role permissions and roles
  • Creating connections
  • Creating triggers on a ledger to publish events on a connection

You can read more about it on the First Genesis site found here.

Apex Designer makes it easy to connect to any system, so building a similar tool for other back-ends would be fast.


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