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Harbor Pilot

Managing Apps in Kubernetes using a custom app

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Written by Nick Laughton
Updated a year ago
Less than a minute read

Harbor Pilot is an app we built with Apex Designer to help developers:

  1. Run and manage apps in Kubernetes with minimal Kubernetes knowledge
  2. Easily provision and manage application dependencies (databases, utilities, etc.)
  3. Do 1 and 2 first and then learn Kubernetes as time and motivation permit

Apps, Environments and Deployments

Harbor Pilot displays apps in a simple grid presentation with a row for each application instance, a column for each environment and the deployments in the cells:

Harbor Pilot showing apps and environments

Visualize App Dependencies

Harbor Pilot includes a graphical dependency view that allows you to visualize how apps relate to each other.

Harbor Pilot showing app dependencies

Deploy an App from the Catalog

You can deploy an app from the catalog with just a couple of clicks:

Harbor Pilot showing deployment of an app from a catalog

Start or Stop an App with One Click

You can start or stop an app with just one click. If the app has dependencies, Harbor Pilot will start those first and then start the app:

Harbor Pilot showing starting and stopping an app and its dependencies

Read more in the blog: Kubernetes Nirvana for Developers

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