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Written by Nick Laughton
Updated 2 years ago
Less than a minute read

This documentation site is built with Apex Designer. 

The app is built using the Documentation and Support libraries that provide most of the functionality. In fact there are only 8 pages in the application, everything else comes from libraries. There are no business objects and just a few app behaviors.

The various capabilities are provided by the following libraries:

Documentation Library

  • Pages
  • Drafts and versions
  • Page review process
  • App versioning

Support Library

  • Chat widget / real time chat
  • Conversations
  • Agent messages
  • Assignment
  • Status management
  • Prioritization 

Notification Library

  • Real time notifications when agent replies
  • SocketIO is used as the underpinning for notifications

Slack Library

  • Agent notifications in slack
  • New user notifications
  • Daily logged in user summary

If you would like to build your own documentation site, the app is available as a template.

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