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Trailing Loan Document Management

Tracking Internal Loan Requirements in an Apex Designer Application

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Written by Nick Laughton
Updated 2 years ago
Less than a minute read


A midsize regional banking client was implementing a new COTS commercial loan servicing platform to replace a custom mainframe application.

Trailing loan document tracking was handled by a separate mainframe app, and not handled in the new system.

Requirements included:

  • New loans require various documents depending on loan type, collateral, jurisdiction, etc
  • Loan Officers verify that new loans have required documentation complete and submitted within the allocated time limit (varies by document type)
  • Loan Operations Team reviews and stores submitted documentation, and sends reminders for any recurring documents (e.g. annual insurance certificates)

We did a 3-week envisioning project with Apex Designer to design a new web application with a simplified and modernized user experience, and develop a roadmap for the implementation.

A 3-month development project followed, and the application was built and launched,  allowing sundown of the mainframe

Key features of the new Loan Document Tracking System:

  • Data feed of new loans from the loan origination system
  • Configurable rules table for generating the appropriate document reminders for each loan
  • User interfaces for opening, closing, review, and rejecting reminders
  • Various administrative capabilities for adding, overriding, and deleting document reminders
  • Used daily by over 1000 bank employees
  • Meets all regulatory requirements (e.g. SOX) for decision and exception logging

Apex has completed several follow-on projects:

  • Incorporation of consumer loans into the system
  • Changes to support new users and processes after a merger with another bank 


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