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Tracking our Business Pipeline using our own tools

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Written by Nick Laughton
Updated 2 years ago
Less than a minute read

We developed Apex Cash as a pipeline and schedule management tool to run our business. The app tracks progress of new opportunities with follow up task reminders and status notes.

Apex Cash showing updates view

Projected assignments and hours can be entered for opportunities and projects. As projects progress, we can import actual hours worked from our timesheet system (Harvest).

Apex Cash showing schedule view

The app generates revenue and cash forecasts from project schedules. 

Apex Cash showing cash forecast

We use the app to manage clients and projects, as well as tracking resource allocation and costs. 

Each project is assigned to a project manager, and notes can be entered on projects in-progress.

Apex Cash showing add note dialog

The app manages product subscription fees as well as hourly service fees, and supports different payment terms per project/client.

Because we built this app using Apex Designer, it is quick and easy to tweak the capabilities as we need to do so to suit changes to our internal processes.

If you have ever found that off the shelf solutions don't quite match up to the way you work, a flexible, custom solution is within reach. 


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