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FHIR Factory

Exchanging data using defined formats and external APIs

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Written by Nick Laughton
Updated 2 years ago
Less than a minute read

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is a data format and API standard for exchanging healthcare data.  

FHIR Factory is an app for importing, generating and managing synthetic FHIR data. The Synthea dataset is a 1000 patient public fake dataset, organized as bundles.

FHIR Factory showing imported FHIR bundles

FHIR factory ingests and processes these bundles into a DB for use in testing applications. The contents of the bundles are displayed as their underlying resources types and items.

FHIR Factory showing resource types and items

Data is presented in a user-friendly way, while retaining the FHIR JSON data.

FHIR Factory showing item JSON data

Items are automatically cleaned up (e.g. differences in FHIR 3 and FHIR4 representations), and the app also can generate new synthetic data, for example adding pharmacy locations based on google search location data for patients. 

The app can be used to generate events for usage patterns (e.g. prescription fills) for testing fraud detection and other scenarios.

FHIR Factory showing event batches

By specifying start date, number of cycles, locations, etc, a batch of medication requests and dispenses is created. Different batches can be setup for different scenarios of interest (e.g. one patient using too many providers or too many pharmacies). 

FHIR Factory showing event batch configuration

Once all the required data bundles are cleaned up or created, you can specify a start date and then replay all events at the frequency of your choosing (e.g. 3 days per second) and publish them to Kafka.

FHIR Factory showing generated events

FHIR factory is very flexible and can support many more scenarios for using and generating synthetic FHIR data to test apps and algorithms being developed for the healthcare industry.


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