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See all the latest updates to Apex Designer documentation.

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Written by Keith Miller
Updated 6 months ago
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Apex Designer Updates

Here are the release notes for recent Apex Designer releases:

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Documentation Updates

Here are the latest additions and updates to the Apex Designer documentation:

Apex PDF Template Library

Design, test and publish configurable PDF templates and generate PDFs using application data.

10 minutes ago

Apex Flow Graph Library

A powerful workflow and screenflow engine with graphical editing

12 minutes ago

Apex Configurable Pages

Configurable pages for building out the rest of your site.

17 minutes ago

Smart Health Card Library

Verify and decode Smart Health Cards in your application

19 minutes ago

Offline First Libraries

The foundation for an offline-first Apex Designer application

21 minutes ago

Notification Library

Integrate notifications with your business objects

22 minutes ago

DeepL Translation Library

Provide dynamic translation of your application user interface via the Deepl API

24 minutes ago - I just added the description.

Apex Configurable Forms

Simple yet powerful forms for applications that need flexibility

24 minutes ago

Cognito Libraries

Leverage AWS Cognito for authentication in your application

25 minutes ago

Box Library

Seamlessly integrate into your application

26 minutes ago

Vaccination And Testing Management

Tracking testing and vaccination status of employees

27 minutes ago

Monaco Editor Library

Integrate intelligent code completion and formatting in you app

28 minutes ago

Basic Auth Libraries

Simple email/password authentication

28 minutes ago

Microsoft Authentication Libraries

Integrate Microsoft Authentication with your Apex Designer app

29 minutes ago

Azure Key Vault Library

Retrieve sensitive credentials from the Azure Key Vault

29 minutes ago

Helm Charts

Generate Helm charts for your application to simplify deployment to Kubernetes

30 minutes ago

Apex Calculation Library

Ingest, transform, review and publish financial information.

30 minutes ago

Google Drive Library

Integrate Google Drive in your application

31 minutes ago

Ionic Library

Leverage the power of Ionic in an Apex Designer application

33 minutes ago

Authorize Net Library

Integrate payment preferences and payment execution

33 minutes ago

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