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Version 2.2.214 Released
Version 2.2.221 Released
Version 2.2.244 Released
Version 2.2.273 Released
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Version 2.2.281 Released
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Version 2.2.273 Released

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Written by Kyle Hoskins
Updated 18 days ago
Less than a minute read


  • Added User Interface Service Test Suites
  • View testing errors in-line with the test
  • Navigate to a failed test from the App Manager dialog
  • Added a toolbar button to help navigate to failed tests
  • Added navigational diagram to the Processes page
  • Added navigation to parent process from sub-process
  • Added Camunda 7 loop properties panel
  • Added merge history


  • Camunda 7 usability improvements
  • App Manager availability improvements
  • Avoid orphaned artifacts/directories
  • Bug fixes and layout improvements
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