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Add Spinner To A Button

Display spinner on a button while the data loads

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Written by Ashish Gupta
Updated a year ago
Less than a minute read

When the data is loading on a button click, you may want to disable the button and show a spinner on it. It gives your users an indication that they need to wait for the app to finish processing.

Spinner on a Raised Button

When using a raised button that calls a method to load data, add a Progress Spinner as a button's child element. You will also need to style the spinner to overlap it with the button. In your User Interface Properties section, create a boolean property isOrderProcessing, which will be used to show/hide the spinner and to disable/enable the button.

Spinner on a raised button

Click on style on the Progress Spinner header and add the following style:

mat-spinner {
	position: absolute;
	top: calc(50% - 10px);
	left: calc(50% - 10px);

In the top/left calculation above, 10px is half the diameter of the spinner. So, when using a spinner with diameter 40, set top and left values to:

calc(50% - 20px)

In your User Interface Method that is called on the button click, you will need to set the booleans before and after the api call:

this.isOrderProcessing = true;    //disable the button and show the spinner

//call the behavior to process data
await this.httpClient.post('/api/Orders/process');

//reset after the call is complete
this.isOrderProcessing = false;    //enable the button and hide the spinner

Spinner on an Icon Button

When using an icon button, you would need to change the button like this:

Add a Spinner on an icon button

There is no change in style and user interface method.

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