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Using A Version Service

Show your applications' versions and list what was changed

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Written by Keith Miller
Updated 2 years ago
Less than a minute read

Every application goes through iterations with changes. We always say that if you have not redesigned it three times then there is a chance it is not right yet. Viewing the current version and what changed in each version before, can be important to tracking updates and issues. In Apex Designer and Apex Documentation we have a page that lists them.

The about page generated by the version service

We create this About page in our application using tools in the libraries.

Creating an About Page

You can start by creating a User Interface called About.

Add a property

Create a property called versions

Property definition dialog

Add the dependency

Next, add a dependency called ChangedLogService.

Define a user interface dependency dialog

If the change log service is not in your dropdown list of available dependencies, you would need to add the Angular 10 Base Library into your project.

After adding the dependency, be sure to regenerate your page so you can continue.

Add the method

Create a method named prepareVersions and place the following script inside the method. Be sure to mark the new method as Call on Load using the checkbox

this.versions = this.changeLogService.listVersions();

This script uses the variable from the service dependency to populate the versions property that will be used to display the information.

Defining the display components

Build the display by using the components as shown below. Take note of how some of the components are embedded within others

FInished definition of the about page to be used with the version service


Just like that you have built an About page for your application showing not only what version you are running, but also the changes for each version that are entered when developer branches are synchronized with the main branch.



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