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FHIR Library

The FHIR library illustrates how you can incorporate FHIR information models in an Apex Designer application

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Written by David Knapp
Updated 5 months ago
2 min read

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The FHIR library includes business objects and mixins to implement apps using the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standards framework.

  • FHIR Json base type
    The FHIR Json base type is used to denote properties that contain FHIR Json.
  • FHIR Resource mixin
    The FHIR Resource mixin has a fhirJson and url properties as well as behaviors that handle parsing.
  • FHIR Bundle mixin
    The FHIR Bundle mixin has a fhirJson prpoerty and behaviors that handle parsing.
  • Fhir Json Field and FHIR Json Dialog
    The Fhir Json Field displays the length of the FHIR data. Clicking the field opens a dialog to view/update the FHIR json.
  • Import Fhir Bundle Button
    An icon button that uploads a json file and parses it.

Create a Patient Business Object

Create a business object for each FHIR Resource that your app will manage. You decided which aspects of the FHIR Json to expose as properties on the business object. An example is Patient with the name exposed on the business object. Create a Patient business object with id (string) and name (string). Add the Fhir Resource mixin and set the mixin configuration to:

	"parseName": true

Setting parseName to true will extract the components of a Patient name from the FHIR Json and set the name on the business object automatically.

Create a Bundle Business Object

You can create a Bundle business object to facility import and parsing of FHIR Bundles. Create the business object with a fileName (string) property and add the Fhir Bundle mixin. Create a Bundles page with a breadcrumb and table (see Create a Suppliers Page for details on creating pages if needed). Add the Import Fhir Bundle Button in the breadcrumb.

You can find a great set of FHIR bundle samples to download for here at the SyntheticMass downloads page. The DSTU2 format contains Json bundles.



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