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Dynamic Search Results

How to dynamically update search results as the user types

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Written by Ashish Gupta
Updated 2 years ago
Less than a minute read

Let's say that you have a "Product" business object and a "Products" page that show the list of available products. You want to add a search field that will automatically update the search results as the user types.

Set Products to Read Automatically

Add an array of Products called products:

Property dialog setting the read attribute to automatic

Add searchString and Search Method

Add a property named searchString. Add a method to your user interface named "search" with this implementation:

let where = {
	name: {
		ilike: '%' + this.searchString + '%'

this.products.setOption('where', where);;

This where filter is set to do a case insensitive search of the name property on the products.

Add a Search Field

Add a Form Field containing an input field linked to the searchString:

Search field definition for the page

Add a search icon after the input with the mat-prefix attribute:

Search field design with a search icon

Trigger Search

Update the searchString property to trigger the search method when it changes:

searchString property definition with an on change action defined

This will work but it causes a search to be made for each character the user types. Let's not put all that unnecessary load on our server and the user's internet connection.

Upgrade to Search After Pause

Add a property searchTimeout of type any. Add a method called startSearchCountdown with this implementation:

// If we were already counting down, cancel it

if (this.searchTimeout) {
	this.searchTimeout = null;

// Start the countdown

this.searchTimeout = setTimeout(
	() => {
		// The countdown ended, trigger the search;
		this.searchTimeout = null;

	500 // 500 milliseconds

Update the searchString to trigger the startSearchCountdown instead of start search. Now the search method will be called after an inactivity of 500 ms.

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