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Create a Supplier Management App

Create an app that manages information in a database

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Written by David Knapp
Updated 2 years ago
2 min read

Create a Project

  1. Click Projects on the ribbon apps
  2. Click the Add Project floating action button Add project button
  3. Enter the project name (it needs to be unique so try including your initials in the name):
    Add project dialog
  4. Click the App Starters tab and be sure that the Angular and Loopback Project Starter is selected:
    App Starter selection
  5. Click the Create Project button. Apex Designer creates your project and takes you to its home page:
    Project page

    Note: if you want to see what default libraries are included in a base project you can click on the extension icon to see them. You can read about each of them in the Libraries set of pages.

Create a Business Object

  1. Click Business Objects on the ribbon category
  2. Enter "supplier" in the "Add a business object.." field
    Add business object
  3. Press enter to create the business object. The business object page is displayed:
    Business object page
    Notice that Apex Designer capitalized the business object name. You can change that in the business object settings.
  4. Enter "code n" in the "Add a property..." field. Notice that the typeahead preselects "code number":
    Add business object property
  5. Press enter to add the property
    Business object properties

Generate the App

  1. Click the "Generate App" icon button in the toolbar:
    Generate App
  2. When generate is complete, the snackbar at the bottom of the screen shows the results:
    Generate App snackbar on complete

Run the App

  1. Once the build is complete, you should see the "Launch App" icon button in the toolbar. Click it:
    Launch App
  2. The app opens in a new browser tab and redirects to the welcome page. Fill in your email and the password "password" and click Login:
    Welcome/Login page
  3. The app redirects to the Suppliers page:
    Suppliers Page
  4. Click the "Add Supplier" floating action button to open the "Add a Supplier" dialog. Enter a name and code and click the "Add" button:
    Add Supplier Dialog
  5. The app redirects to the Supplier page where you can edit the values, delete the supplier or navigate back to the Suppliers page:
    Supplier Page


Congratulations! You have built an app! Next, we will add more detail to the information model. Just click the "Next Topic" link below to continue with the next lesson.


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