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An overview of the app template

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Written by David Knapp
Updated 2 years ago
Less than a minute read


The video introduces the Vacation Request Sample app template including how to create it and a quick review of the components that it contains. Here is the transcript:

Hi, this is Dave from Apex. I want to give you an overview of this sample application that you can create in Apex Designer called Vacation Request Sample. To create your own, just go to the projects page, click the Add Project button. Select the vacation request sample and fill in the name for your project. After your project is created, you will have all of the same components that are in this one. Let's take a look at the design. First of all, you can see that there is a process here. It's a relatively simple process where an employee submits a request and then a manager reviews it. If it's approved, we just send an email confirmation. But if it's rejected, we send a task back to the employee to review that rejection. The design includes a mix of information that is specific to this application. So coming from the vacation request data source. So you can see here we focused on the request vacation object and the app user object. It's a mash up because there's a second data source here, Camunda, where there is a connector that gets process definitions, instances and tasks from the Camunda database. Inside request vacation is all of the data that is stored related to that process instance. And then finally there are a set of user interfaces in this app. In the middle are the ones that are for the business process, for the submit, the review and the reject. And on the left are some additional ones. The task list, which is the main UI for users to interact with the tasks and a set of administrative pages for Camunda admins to review process definitions, instances and tasks. So there'll be a series of short videos that show you the design of each different aspect of this app. Go ahead and create it and I look forward to your feedback on it.

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