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Upgrade To Angular 16

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Written by Kyle Hoskins
Updated 2 months ago
Less than a minute read

Projects started before July 2023 were based on the Angular 14 framework.  Moving forwards, new projects will use Angular 16.  This page highlights the steps to upgrade your Angular 14 project to the new Angular 16 Libraries.

Upgrade Dependencies

On the Dependencies Page, complete the following library upgrades:

Angular Base Library | Auth0 Angular | Angular Material | Apex Dynamic Components | Camunda 7/8 Library | Other Apex Libraries > Change the "Version Range" to "~16.0.0" > Click "Apply Version Range" Icon

Angular 10 Base Library > "Replace this library with a different library" > Select "Angular Base Library" > Click "Replace Library"


Application Modifications

  • Search for any usages of matTextareaAutosize/matAutosizeMinRows and replace with cdkTextareaAutosize/cdkAutosizeMinRows
  • Search for any Promises that are resolved without a return value "resolve()" and update new Promise(...  to new Promise<void>(...
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