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Flex Layout Helper Classes

CSS Classes That Make Flex Layout Easy

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Written by David Knapp
Updated a year ago
Less than a minute read

The Angular Base Library now has a set of classes simplify applying flex concepts to Apex Designer user interface components. This video shows how to apply them to make a portion of a page scrollable:


This video shows how to use the flex helper classes to make the left and right halves of a page scroll independently:


Here is the complete list of classes:

  • vertical-flex-container
  • horizontal-flex-container
  • grow-horizontal
  • grow-horizontal-2x
  • grow-vertical
  • center-vertical
  • scroll-vertical
  • height-100-percent
  • width-100-percent
  • gap-20
  • gap-40
  • margin-bottom-0
  • margin-bottom-20
  • margin-0
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