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Business Objects Diagram

Graphical view of the business object relationships

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Written by Keith Miller
Updated 2 years ago
Less than a minute read

On the Business Objects page, you can click the Diagram icon button share to view the relationships between your business objects in a graphical form.

Business objects diagram

There are a set of items to control the presentation of the digram:

  • The view dropdown selects the current view (Reservations in this example)
  • The Edit Views icon button lets you create or edit the custom views
  • Radio buttons to toggle the direction of the relationships (has vs belongs to)
  • Radio buttons to toggle between horizontal and vertical presentation
  • The Zoom All icon button zooms out to show all the business objects

Data Source Colors

If the app has multiple data sources, the boxes in the diagram will be colored based on their data source with a legend shown at the top right.

Business objects diagram

You set the color on the data source (see Data Sources for details).

Creating Custom Views

As your app grows, showing all the business objects in a single diagram can become unmanageable.

Large business objects diagram

Apex Designer lets you create a set of custom views that include just the business objects related to a certain aspect of the project. You can create a custom view by clicking the edit icon next to the view drop down.

Business objects diagram with list of views

You can add new views or drag and drop reorder the views. Expanding a view lets you select which business objects are shown in that view.

Business objects diagram with checklist of views

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